Doroshkeh Aryaei Complex

Doroshkeh Aryaei Production Complex, with Mohammad Saeed Arabzadeh as its managing director, is the manufacturer of different types of carriages and chariots, including all-wood, royal, one-horse, two-horse, four-horse, 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled, 4-wheeled, horse-driven, or engine carriages, and also producer of various classical vehicles, decorated ships, horse-driven cars and caravans, and also various wooden products with professional and exclusive designs, and in accordance with the customers’ orders and interests, to be used in entertaining sites, photographic studios, entertaining areas, receptions, hotels, personal uses, etc.

Now, after analyzing different historical, cultural, and artistic dimensions in the beautiful city of Isfahan, the industrial center in Iran and after succeeding in various ups and downs, we as the Aryaei Carriage Production Complex, decided to utilize all the modern related equipment in the world as well as our experience and specialized workforce to take a long step in producing and supply carriages and chariots for the re-promotion of these valuable products that somehow indicate the memories and excuses for the spiritual interactions with the ancient world.

1st international Tehran horse & pet show

Iran - Esfahan - Razi Industrial Town - Second Phase - Eighth Street - No. 281

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